Jarosław Gierszewski

There is no other way to become an artist than to be born as an artist. Janina Ipohorska’s words ideally describe the artistic path of Jarosław Gierszewski. He has shown sensitivity to art since childhood. His mother, a talented artist, recognized his talent and took care of its development. Young Jarosław found his place in an artistic carpentry school. He has soon reached above the average by realizing amazing, intricate decorative finishes. Wood has become his language of artistic expressions.

When he was eighteen, he established his first professional workshop. At first he would create carefully crafted, stylised mirrors of his own design, ones that couldn’t be found in shops. Demand for these works of wood carving art would make him establish his own business. He expanded his offer in time, becoming one of the most important figures in the field in Poland.

Gierszewski finds his inspiration in old architecture and nature. His knowledge in the field of art history enables him to shuffle styles, according to the needs of his clients. His activity is not just wood carving, but rather wood architecture. Gierszewski can design everything in wood: from original artistic furniture to entire interiors of residences. His projects are extremely precise and ready to be executed. He cooperates with a team of experts, but he himself takes the responsibility for the final effect. He also carries out the most demanding wood carving works himself. To make his clients return.