The perfect moment to begin cooperation with our company is the when You decide to build a residence. In such case Jarosław Gierszewski becomes a partner for the architect, and the woodwork is incorporated into the building’s body. We also encourage You to contact us when the construction is on a more advanced level.

Cooperation path

Draft concepts

During meetings, the designer will interview the needs of future users of interiors, Your dreams and life style. On that basis he will create draft concepts, which will represent the individual style of Your new interior. At this stage wood species is chosen as well.

Physical measurements

Then, measurements of Your residence will be executed, with an accuracy to millimeter. Because of that, design and woodwork produced will be made precisely and with no deficiencies.

Executive design

The design’s conception, after Your acceptance, will be used as a basis for creating a detailed and developed executive design. It will be utilized by carpenters as an instruction for work to be executed.

Comprehensive implementation

The Project will be implemented in accordance with the executive design. Depending on the needs, we cooperate with representatives of other fields, such as glaziers, metalworkers, kitchen equipment distributors, upholsterers, stone masons. Jarosław Gierszewski coordinates all stages of work connected with wood.